How to use: Put a tea light on the bottom and a wax cube on the top or burn a corn-shaped incense on the top. Both methods deliver the scents you want in your home and can be accomplished using these ceramic fragrance warmers.( We will provide a tealight wiht purchase) Both melt, tealight and warmer will come in a black bag as a set


Size: 3.425x3.425x4.016 in.

Colors: White

Material: Ceramic


The unique feature about this candle is the wax. You can use this wax on skin as well. THESE CAN BE USED AS MASSAGE CANDLES. Light your candle and create a even wax melt pool. Smother the flame and let wax cool to body temperature. Pour wax onto hands and use as a massage candle. The chemical properties of the Hemp and Coconut soy, nourishes and moisuturizes the skin, as the wax is still warm, creating a scence of warm as the wax melts to oils and seeps into the skin. 


Please burn responsibly. Keep on even surface. NO pets, no children, do not leave candle unintended. Please do not have your candle lit more than 4 hours at a time.


Burn Time: 3 burn hours at a time

Wax Melt Warmers

Colors Available : white