A journey to wellness

Meet Ashley 

Ashley is an UNC Alumni with her BA in Journalism with an emphasis of  Public Relations &Advertising Media.

In the midst of the COVID -19 pandemic she took the leap and founded Candle Culture Company in 2020.  Throughout the year she has been featured in Voyage Denver Magazine and NWA. She has collaborated with Popl a new software service for professionals, and BLK APP directory. She is set to host her first Vendor networking event this summer in July.

Ashley started making candles in 2018 as a way to help her anxiety. 

For many in the Black community, it can be extremely challenging to discuss mental health simply because of the perception of Mental health issues alone.” “I started therapy young and now venturing into using hemp and cbd products to help manage my mental health." & I plan to help others just like me create safe spaces for wellness and continued healing.”​


Just now a year after launching, Ashley is relaunching her brand into an all natural Hemp line. 

Herbal Medicine

Our Mission

Candle Culture Companys mission is to promote wellness with aromatherapy.With hemp being a main ingredient in all of our luxury products, there are many other natural, vegan, & non- gmo ingredients we use .We want our customers to be able to experience luxury. It all starts with lighting a candle.

How is Candle Culture Different?
We are a small black owned business that promotes wellness through aromatherapy.Candle Culture Company Luxury products are aimed towards creating an ambiance/atmosphere where our consumers can feel relaxed,  & at peace all while aiding to their overall wellness. All of our products can be reused, repurposed and/or recycled. Each product we have is handpicked- handmade with love in each order. Our Candles can also be used as massage candles. One of the best unique  candle(s)  in the market.